Rebel, Rebel
Rebel Boot Camp

Katniss Everdeen
In a different world, another time and place, you might find yourself becoming a Rebel. Consider the possibilities. Imagine what it would take to push you over the line that separates mainstream society from the anti-Establishment Rebels who are actively pushing new social boundaries. What kind of person might you become if things were difficult or oppressive enough to lead you to cross that line and radically change your life?

Conversely, consider your attachment, in some instances, to the status quo. Are there situations in which you might find yourself defending the Establishment — thereby “rebelling” against the radical changes others are trying to force upon you?

In the OMNI Mind-Brain Lab, you will have a unique chance to explore these questions and to encounter the Rebel within. We invite you to indulge in the four role-playing scenarios we’ve designed for you. Each scenario opens with a description of an unusual and challenging reality in which you’ll be given a chance to imagine yourself taking on a variety of possible roles — either as a Rebel or as part of the Establishment. We recommend that you try out several roles within each scenario to get a sense of how your views may change from these different perspectives.

When you feel ready, we suggest you begin by entering any one of our four Rebel scenarios.

Rebel Scenario One
Rebel Scenario Two
Rebel Scenario Three
Rebel Scenario Four

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